Community Interest Company Activities

Community Interest Company Activities

Activity: General:

Create a live theatre venue aboard a boat to produce plays, educational workshops and encourage public participation in the arts, especially the art of puppetry in all its forms.
How will the activity benefit the community?

The activity will increase public access to the performing arts, to creative learning opportunities and to traditional crafts and skills in a purpose built environment.

It offers children, families, schools, community groups and the general public, including sectors of the community who might not otherwise use a conventional theatre space, the following benefits:

Opportunities to participate in creative activities and explore meaning in the lives of individuals and communities for the benefit of present and future generations

An increase in skill and knowledge of particular art forms, especially the art of puppetry in all its forms

Opportunities to develop creativity, imagination, emotional intelligence and thinking skills

Opportunities to express ideas, values and feelings, to increase confidence and self esteem

Learning opportunities regarding maritime culture, skills, traditions and technology

Greater understanding of social / cultural issues and of different cultures

Greater understanding of historical and cultural contexts

Awareness of environmental and riverside regeneration issues

Education concerning safety around water and the water’s edge

Provision of a sustainable and supportive environment for local artists, performers and craftspeople and their work / projects

Opportunities for individuals and community groups to create and facilitate their own alternative ceremonies and celebrations

As a company we will seek to establish links with other local organisations / initiatives eg Surestart, Creative Partnerships to develop our audience / projects and promote sound professional practice

Our company differs from a general commercial company because…

We employ an “Asset Lock” which retains all capital assets and profit will remain within the Community.

If the company makes any surplus it will be used for…

Any surplus made from trading will be re-invested into the business

In our Articles of Association, PuppetShip CIC have specified The Puppet Centre Trust, London as a potential recipient of the Company’s assets under paragraphs (2) and (4).