About Us

About us
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PuppetShip Community Interest Company, is now 10 years old!

Co-founded by Puppeteer Alison McGowan and Boatbuilder / Designer Alex Finnegan with the aim of establishing a floating Puppet Theatre on the River Tyne.

Mission Statement

‘To inspire and enrich the lives of children and families through the transforming power of performance and participation in creative activities.’

Community Interest Company Activities

Activity: General:

Create a live theatre venue aboard a boat to produce plays, educational workshops and encourage public participation in the arts, especially the art of puppetry in all its forms.

Our Vision:

PuppetShip represents a world of possibility at the water’s edge – a world of imagination, transformation, resourcefulness, empowerment, learning, and play.

Touring by boat, we hope to reach new audiences, offering new perspectives and access to creative opportunities for North East communities to engage with artists in their own riverside regeneration.